Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Accept Credit Card (Western Union, Visa, Master Card, American Express),

    Cash on Delivery, Certified Check, Telegraphic/Wire Transfer, Money Order,

    Alipay, or other Escrow Transactions.

Payment Notes:

  • Minimum Amount of USD500 is required.

  • Check or Cash on Delivery: It may require extra days to process.

  • Wire Transfer: Please include the Invoice No. and Order Information on your bank documentation. Service fees might be

        charged refer to our Proforma invoice.


  • Quoted prices will be honored for 24 hours after the date stated on the quote unless another date is expressly stated in its quote. 

  • Prices contained in quotes are for Products only and do not include any other charges or fees that might apply, such as, by way of example, taxes, impositions, tariffs, shipping charges, and duties imposed by any government authority. 

  • Customer is solely responsible for any and all additional charges or fees that might apply.

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